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What to see when visiting Canadian and other Texas Panhandles cities

The Canadian River is a symbol of continuity of the lands that bind the continent together. The area is completely flat despite the great canyons and towering mesas. At night you can enjoy the pitch-black night sky with its twinkling stars that make up multiple constellations.

When visiting the Canadian River and surrounding areas be sure to keep watch out for the Golden Eagles, beavers and donít forget the micro-spectacles of dragonflies in summer.

Prairie dogs are other members of the community to look out for. And if you wait long enough you are bound to see some burrowing owls who often use the prairie dog holes on a time-share arrangement.

You will also spot Red-tailed Hawks, Northern Harriers, Ferruginous Hawks, and Rough-legged Hawks looking for dinner around the prairie dogs holes.


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